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Scout is an open source vulnerability analyzer developed by CoinFabrik's Research and Development team.


We received support through grants from both the Web3 Foundation Grants Program and the Aleph Zero Ecosystem Funding Program.

Grant ProgramDescription
Web3 FoundationProof of Concept: We collaborated with the Laboratory on Foundations and Tools for Software Engineering (LaFHIS) at the University of Buenos Aires to establish analysis techniques and tools for our detectors, as well as to create an initial list of vulnerability classes and code examples. View PoC | View Application Form.

Prototype: We built a functioning prototype using linting detectors built with Dylint and expanded the list of vulnerability classes, detectors, and test cases. View Prototype | View Application Form.
Aleph Zero Grant ProgramWe improved the precision and number of detectors for the tool with a multi-phase approach. This included a manual vulnerability analysis of projects in the Aleph Zero ecosystem, extensive testing of the tool on top projects, and refining detection accuracy.